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  2024 Updated Bill Objectives

Proposed Bill Package

Bill #2 Accountability 

  • Fines for substantiated violations

Bill #3 - Cameras in Residents Rooms

  • Allow cameras in rooms with the exception of homes that serve the mentally ill population per existing law/statute (per MALA*)

  • Approval required in cases where resident has a roommate

  • Leverage existing Bill language currently proposed for nursing homes (SB717)

Bill #4 - Create Certified Medication Aide role specific to Assisted Living Facilities

  • Create certified medication aide role using existing curriculum managed by LARA*
  • Remove CNA* prerequisite and work experience

* Key:


    CNA = Certified Nurse Assistant

    LARA = Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

    MALA = Michigan Assisted Living Association

    PRNs = As Needed Medications

Since the original writing of the Theresa's Law bill, we have conducted several workgroups with legislators, industry leaders, the State's Ombudsman and other stakeholders and have identified many wonderful improvements and objectives to improve the safety, protection, and quality of care of the vulnerable residents residing in adult foster care facilities, one form of assisted living in Michigan.

Many of the original provisions will remain, but in a spirit of compromise and collaboration we are removing some provisions that may not be able to be implemented immediately and have added others that will add immediate and significant value.  The following proposed bill package focuses on Training, Transparency, and Accountability.  We continue to, and invite you to help us, advocate for the following necessary changes.


Bill #1 Training & Transparency

  • Disclosure

    • Ownership: all persons who have an ownership interest in the adult foster care facility including any private equity firms, real estate investment trusts in addition to naming all businesses operating within the building or providing services.

    • Staff training and education details

    • Certification or lack of certification (unlicensed) of staff administering medications (Medication Errors #1 category for substantiated violations for past 4 Years, often with devastating consequences. (10/28/2019 – 10/30/2023)

    • Medication administration policy

    • Resident Satisfaction Survey Results

    • Residents’ Rights

    • Contact info. for APS, Ombudsman, Local Law

    • How to file complaint w/LARA; Facility (internal)

  • Substantiated Violations Online Retention 5 years from date posted online

  • Direct Care Worker Training in original bill

  • Advanced Medication Administration Training for Unlicensed Staff (Diabetes, PRNs*, Types/Effects)

  • Competency Tests

  • Continuing Education 8hrs

  • Resident Satisfaction Surveys

  • Quarterly Medication Administration Reviews

  • Update to Residents Rights - Right to:

    • Have meals delivered to room when requested

    • View results of Resident Satisfaction Surveys

    • View & Explanation of Medical Administration Record

    • View past 3 years of substantiated violations

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